Moonshot Cafe Wedding – Albert & Lidy

This Moonshot Cafe wedding was just amazeballs (had to use this word, because there’s no other that I could think of….haha). Firstly, not only did this couple decide to move away from so many traditions when it comes to a typical wedding, but they made the whole day their own. I mean, from Lidy’s incredible RED …..yes RED wedding dress….and I mean why not right….to them doing such a special first look before their ceremony. We absolutely love it when couples decide on a first look. Yes, most might think it will take away from your husband-to-be seeing you for the first time in front of 200 people…but think about it….your husband is seeing you for the first time in front of 200 people. That is exciting too, but there’s always just something so special and so REAL when it comes to couples sharing that first moment alone. Just the two of them (ok and two photographers), but it really just have a real special touch to it. And even better advantage of this is that they could spend so much more time with their people after their ceremony.

From the get go, they were just chilled and just so real and truly two sincere human beings. This Pretoria rooftop wedding was just all round fun, relaxed and just filled with all the right joys.

Thank you for choosing us, it was amazing documenting your wedding!!

Venue – Moonshot Cafe // Dress – Tres Jolie Bridal and Evening Wear // Suit – Coquis Men’s Outfitters // Make-up – Yvette Make-up artist // Hare – Mariska Roux // Decor – Couple and Family // First Look Location: Brunch Street Cafe






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