Theewaterskloof Couple Session – Bertus & Carla

If you can reset your life by just jumping. Would you take the leap?

We used to be based in Gauteng and as Gauteng wedding photographers we shot more than 350 weddings. It has been quite a ride, but, after many years in the Gauteng, 5 years in Johannesburg and 4 years in Pretoria, the ride needed to stop somewhere.

Somehow it turned out to be Villiersdorp. A small village nestled in the Overberg, only 1 hour from Cape Town. Wedding photography has taken us all over the country and it is hard to imagine that there are still places left that would melt our minds with its beauty. Villiersdorp did. We decided to …….close our eyes, and jump off the tightrope, …hoping that SOMETHING would catch us.

When we first arrived in Villiersdorp, nervous, excited and in a way overwhelmed by the idea of Gauteng wedding photographers turning into Cape Town wedding photographers overnight. ……but all the worries became secondary to how beautiful our surroundings became. GobSmackeD!

Serendipitously, we were contacted by Happy Tails Magazine (thank you Tasha Secombe for the referral) and was asked to photograph Ben, a Villiersdorp based cat for a story in Happy Tails magazine. As we are in love with animals of all walks, we immediately agreed to do the shoot for them.

When we met Ben’s owner, Carla, we immediately fell in love with her warm, friendly vibe. A quick shoot turned into a morning coffee which ended up being one of the most pleasant mornings ever and we were so blessed to have met her. Not only did we meet someone from our “dorp” but she also helped us as new Cape Town wedding photographers, by introducing us to Faraway Estate, one of the most incredible overberg wedding venues…..pretty much right in our little town. We were blown away that there are so many amazing wedding venues so close to our “dorp” in the Overberg. TRUST ME…..It’s PRETTY!!!

We really wanted to shoot Carla and Bertus in Villiersdorp, to say thank you for accepting us into the dorp with open arms. Meeting you, made us realise, that no matter who you are, or where you are from….if you want to get off the tight rope and restart your life. ……Jump! Something, or someone will always catch you.

Thank you.






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